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Scum, Scammers, Jerks, and Liars and the stuff the [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Scum, Scammers, Jerks, and Liars and the stuff the

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SCAMMER: walrussales [Nov. 12th, 2008|05:26 pm]
Scum, Scammers, Jerks, and Liars and the stuff the

[mood |frustratedfurious]

I sent this girl, calling herself Jamie (age 19), $20 through Paypal for a brown formal dress.

She was slow to reply and then finally replied (31 October) to my comment saying that she found a rip in the dress and "would not feel right about selling something damaged" and "would refund the money immediately" if I wanted.

I responded (2 November) and asked for a picture of the rip and said that I would want at least some of my money back if I chose to go through with the transaction.

I commented again (6 or 9 November) when I did not receive a response, yet there was no success.

Upon visiting her selling journal today, it said that walrussales  has been deleted.

The e-mail address given by her was jamie@eternal-silence.org , however the website (currently 'under construction') does not have a sub-domain in that name</lj>

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Online Art & Collectibles Sales/Auctions [Sep. 18th, 2008|01:43 pm]
Scum, Scammers, Jerks, and Liars and the stuff the
Hello all!

You are welcome to visit and take a look at incredible paintings and other artworks,
you may also submit your own art for sale


Please, check out our latest items!
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Warning [Jun. 6th, 2008|04:25 pm]
Scum, Scammers, Jerks, and Liars and the stuff the


  Hello, Just wanted to post a warning for a lj seller that took my payment and never sent me anything. The journal is 





I paid this user $65.00 for several items that she was to ship me. Two months later and I haven't seen a thing. She won't reply to any of my emails, and as blocked me from commenting on her journal. I disputed the payment with Paypal but said that since she had no money in her account that there was nothing they could do. She is still attempting to sell things!Please don't trust her. I don't know if I will ever buy on lj again. This was my first time trying it!

Thanks for the opportunity to get the word out. 

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right or wrong? [May. 21st, 2008|07:05 pm]
Scum, Scammers, Jerks, and Liars and the stuff the

Just wanted to get your opinion:

Regarding: glistens aka sweet_sales
She confirmed an order and told me she was paying with non-credit card paypal.

Her payment came in as credit card though (and for those of you who have a non-credit card account, you know you have the option of either denying or accepting payment) so I had to deny her payment.

I resent her an money request from my account that does accept credit cards with the paypal fee included in the amount. She emailed me and said she wanted to cancel the transaction because she didn't want to pay the fee.

Am I wrong here? She confirmed but she gave me wrong information...not really my fault. Usually buyers I have just go with the flow and pay the paypal fee if their account ends up being credit card, it's not that much more and really not that big of a deal in my opinion.

Of course, if paypal weren't such a rip off with their fees, I'd just accept credit card payments all around.
I hate paypal. & I hate time wasters.

I mean, I was going to leave her negative but if I'm in the wrong here, that's fine. I just don't think it's right that she backed out when she confirmed. All sellers/buyers know the code: NO BACKING OUT ONCE CONFIRMED. heh. I offered her a free gift of her choosing (even before I found out she was paying with a credit card) just to be generous, I don't think it's too much to ask for the paypal fee .. ?

Any thoughts are appreciated.
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(Possible) Scammer/Deadbeat [Apr. 9th, 2008|06:51 am]
Scum, Scammers, Jerks, and Liars and the stuff the

I had a previous transaction with lovely2bme and it was successful. In February, I had a list of things that I wanted to trade my items for. I only got half of them in the mail while I sent out about $100 worth of items.

I've e-mailed to multiple e-mail accounts, sent her messages and replied to her posts weeks prior to giving her negative feedback.

She may be inactive but still...that's no excuse for not sending all of the items that I asked for.
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How long to wait? [Apr. 1st, 2008|03:35 am]
Scum, Scammers, Jerks, and Liars and the stuff the

[mood |pissed offpissed off]

I really believe I've gotten ripped off by an LJer.
The person was selling a plus-size torrid edge corset top for $20.
Shipping was $7.
The item was coming from Canada to the US.
I didn't have paypal so I inquired about money orders.
The LJer responded that she would indeed take those as well.
I sent out the money order the day she claimed she sent out the corset top.
This was roughly 3 1/2 weeks ago now.
I use to date a guy in Canada and our boxes never took this long...
The woman has stopped responding to my emails...
She clearly stated that it would be 10 days from the date shipped...

Where the F^*# is my top?!

(Will post LJer username when 4 weeks have officially passed)
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(no subject) [Aug. 8th, 2006|12:09 am]
Scum, Scammers, Jerks, and Liars and the stuff the

Is anyone working with jessikarhian at the moment? Or have any of you ever? I've been waiting on a bag from her for about a month. She lives in ENGLAND. Hmm. So do I... don't think its been posted and I'm getting quite annoyed at a few users taking a stupid amount of time on their trades. I still haven't heard from fallisforlovers - Is it time for me to deadbeat her? Advice, people O PLZ. :)

Update - gorensgirlsales is fine :) her end came and its beautiful! Must have just been slow shipping. Shes a lovely girl!

Thanks dudettes.
<3 x
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(no subject) [Jul. 27th, 2006|09:04 pm]
Scum, Scammers, Jerks, and Liars and the stuff the

This is a sister community to forsale and is intended to be more open than that community, with a whole lot fewer rules.

The main idea is that you can post warnings about users who have ripped you off, lied, cheated, or otherwise caused you loss in a transaction online. This isn't limited to activity in forsale but extends to any relatively formal trade or sale agreement online; on LJ, etsy, ebay, yahoo, etc.

There will be no "list" of bad sellers kept here by this moderator.

  1. Post a full description of the situation.

  2. Do not disable comments or your post will be deleted

  3. Post publicly, not friends-only
  4. if you can.
  5. Comments will not be deleted unless they are offensive; use common sense.

  6. There's a fine line between warning people and abuse, and that's to the community of users and your trusty moderator to decide.

  7. If you were ripped off doing something illegal, don't expect much sympathy from the moderator (trading bootlegs, selling CD-Rs, etc)

  8. Do not post advertisements for your own stores, sales, trades, or communities; go to forsale or elsewhere for that.

This is a moderated community, and it may take a 1-7 days for me to add you to the group. Once you're approved (and you will be approved unless your account has been deleted by the time I get to you), you will be able to post freely.

You don't have to stick to complaining; if you have an experience that was genuinely good, you can mention that, but the line between mentioning a legitimate good experience and advertising a friend's store is pretty thin, so please be honest.
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